Pool main drain not working

One of the biggest misconceptions about swimming pool main drains is that they actually drain the pool. My pool vacuum is not getting the "suck" it should Why? bottom drain or wall suctions, nothing like that? when the pool pump is pulling water not using the Close all incoming ports except main drain so that water flows from main drain to the pump and then to waste port. When the filter pressure is higher than normal, this also indicates a flow problem. This eliminates the suction on the blocked drain. Water flows from the pool through each of these openings to the pump, and from there, proceeds through the filter and returns to the pool. But not all pools have this system, so it's important to know where the actual pool pump is located.

Only drain and refill pool My pool pump primes but will not hold suction and the water flow quickly drops from 10 to 20 psi to 2 or 3 psi. Opening these lines more fully will reduce the flow from the line that the cleaner is connected to. If I move the suction valve to the “drain,” the pressure is good. Serious swimming pool repair procedures like plastering, re-piping and re-tiling all begin by draining the pool. Main Drain Clip-on offers a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

I noticed that dirt around the main drain doesn't get sucked in and also confirmed that the main drain doesn't seem to be working. Instead, it is an outlet, housing a pipe that runs to the pump, which sucks water through a skimmer, then through a filter, then through a heater (if you have one), and then back to the pool via multiple inlets. In case of emergency, you will be able to quickly shut it off to stop the drain's circulation How to drain a pool without pump. This diverts all flow to the pump from the main drain line ad prevents possible air Whenever water comes into a home, it has to have a way to leave after it's been used. Bottom drain line in an in-ground swimming pool.

Check to ensure that a main drain grate is installed, or switch to a safety drain cover. On some the main drain T's into the bottom of the skimmer and then a single line goes to the pump. Unfortunately, sand filters have a higher micron count and take much longer to clear a green pool, especially if there is no main drain. If it is in the middle of a hot day and everyone in your neighborhood has the AC on high, there may be a drop of power causing the motor to overheat. Some pools go from construction to demolition without ever being A pool’s so-called main drain is not actually a drain; that is, it is not used to drain the pool.

A main drain is responsible for aiding in the circulation and filtration of the pool water. Switch must turn off both the jet If the main sewer drain is clogged, it can eventually back up all of the drains in the house, which is why such a clog can be so serious. Switch the diverter valve back to half way between the skimmer and main drain. . Meyco covers hold up pretty well - I just bought a new one after 18 years on the old one.

My summer wave swimming pool was working fine with the Sfx 1000 pump . Bathers, especially young children, can become entrapped by powerful suction at unprotected pool or spa main drains or other suction ports in the pool. I have an air leak somewher The pool pump is a 1 and 1/2 HP PentAir which was installed new in Ocotober 2011, but stopped pumping properly in May 2012. Kyeah! 27,037 views Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs - No suction at main drain - Hello, I have an in-ground pool in my south Florida home built in 1965. If obstruction or evaporation occurs, causing a significant reduction of flow over the weir, the float will automatically snap shut.

Swimming Pool flow fittings are an essential part of any swimming pool install, we have a range of swimming pool flow fittings eyeball outlets, grill inlets and vacuum points to name a few including Certikin Anti Vortex Swimming Pool Main Drain pool main drain draining an contemporary winterize how to inground. this is in fact not a drain but is there to allow water into the pool from outside if the pool is empty or Swimming pool main drain - how to tell if its pulling water? I have a new (to me) house with an in-ground pool with two skimmer drains and a main drain. If the main drain is attached into the skimmer, and not a separate line all the way back to the pump, there is a diverter in the bottom of the skimmer (or it may be missing), which is used to control the main drain flow. Switching all suction from the skimmer to the main "Main Drain Clip-On" device description: Designed to clip onto the existing main drain cover without removing the drain cover from the pool. The biggest problem is the ground water that keeps filling the area of the drain and when it is pumped out the flow of ground water fills the working area again.

See Figure 2. If the covers are broken, loose or missing - CLOSE the pool and replace the broken cover(s). The pool doesn't get very clean, and I don't really see material seeming to gravitate toward the main drain. The skimmer should be set to just allow the water to go over the weir. Clean the Filter.

Anybody have an opinion on that? I have an 18 by 36 single roman with a depth of 3 in the shallow and 9 in the deep end (a) All facilities shall be provided with a main outlet at the deepest point to permit the facility to be completely and easily drained. My main drain is still not working. How often should I drain my pool? Despite most pools having a filtration system, most pools need to be drained and refilled on occasion. Pool main drains are powerful and dangerous and have been known to suck people down and keep them trapped if there is not a safety mechanism working property to prevent this from happening. However if If Kreepy Krauly stays on the main drain.

This is not uncommon among pool owners. This type of pool is the most difficult to drain and should only be done by a professional. To drain and refill your swimming pool, start by renting a submersible sump pump from a home improvement store, if you don't already have one. The marginal revenue from pool inspections may not compensate for the risk assumed. how to close main drain with a jandy valve After you blow out main drain what position should candy valve be in - Pool & Spa question If the JVA is not working the surface of the pool and the main drain line.

No, not if you are using a suction type of cleaner. No, which is good since most people do not live to tell the tale. the pool and the pump can limit the amount of suction created when the main drain is blocked. 8 A non-properly working emergency telephone Broken glass in or around pool. Since my main drain line was not clogged (just the pool-vac line), I switched the jandy valve fully to the main drain line, so the vacuum line was totally shut off.

If, during the first 30 days after product delivery, you are not 100% satisfied with our product, just send the product and associated packaging back to us for a full refund of the purchase price. If your pool has been built without a main drain, your pool technician can set up a system to vacuum your pool in a way that replicates this action. There is a 2" plug included with each main drain you will use that to plug the bottom hole in each main drain. dual-main-drain suction-entrapment test results and further determine operational parameters and the effectiveness of dual main drains as a means of avoiding suction-entrapment accidents. Sooner or later even the best, quality-made equipment will reach the end of its useful life, break and need replacing.

It doesn't improve much even when I redirect all of the flow through the main drain. I have tested the pool equipment and it seems to be working fine. The smaller your pool, the easier it is to find a leak. 2 x Screws. Also, most modern pumps overcome air lock, it just makes them work harder on start-up before they are able to pull water through the raised pipes.

loss from evaporation can be saved through the use of a pool cover. The Main Drain Clip-On floats so it easily retrieved. A main drain circulates the pool's water by pulling water off the bottom of the pool and sending it to the filter. We would try our best to help you solving any problem. Back in the “old days” every pump that you would buy would have a big warning card attached to it with wire.

Don't get so focused on fixing the clogged drain that you forget to follow basic safety precautions for working in a pool. Your swimming pool's main drain requires regular maintenance. Pressure or snake should remove skimmer clog. This diverts all flow to the pump from the main drain line ad prevents possible air how to close main drain with a jandy valve After you blow out main drain what position should candy valve be in - Pool & Spa question If the JVA is not working the surface of the pool and the main drain line. Important: if you feel any drain cleaner meet resistance as it encounters a short radius elbow or transition in a pool drain, you should avoid forcing it through to minimize the chance of it getting stuck.

Older pools may not have been built structurally to hold back the weight of the dirt against it when the pool is drained, which can then cause the walls to collapse. When the pump is primed,it means the water is flowing through the pump at top speed,creating suction and pressure. Water is pulled to the circulation Posted by poolservicema December 25, 2013 January 9, 2016 Leave a comment on Best Way To Repair A Leaking Pool Main Drain Line Repairing Your In-ground Swimming Pool Main Drain Pipe In this article I’m assuming that you’re looking to find and repair a main drain line leak at the very bottom of your pool, and that it has a deep end. It may be what we call an equalizer line. How To Determine Why a Pool Pump Won't Prime set so that water can be pulled from the skimmer and main drain.

This is because the pump is not "primed" or at least not primed fully. Draining a swimming pool incorrectly, or draining the wrong kind of pool, can result in anywhere from minor damage all the way up to catastrophic I am looking to have a 45 year old pool renovated to include re-doing the lines. (nothing in codes) Electrical violations. If you are looking for information about how to drain a swimming pool it is critically important that you first understand that some pools should not ever be drained. Most suction cleaners have a device in the skimmer that will allow you to control the flow or if you have other incoming suction lines such as a main drain or secondary skimmer.

, or spas with temperatures higher the 104 degrees’ F. Check to ensure that main drain is closed. All states should take note. Check main drain operation. Main drain is not open to 60 % or more.

(CCR Section 65527, 65533) o Broken or inaccessible spa emergency shut off switch. The 2007 test results confirmed the 1997 dual-main-drain suction-entrapment Main drain or bottom of pool not visible. As pool maintenance providers we have also found many objects that have been pulled into the main drain such as rings and other small personal belongings. In floor systems only clean thru the main drain, not the skimmer. But here it's after the pump, not before.

Water flows from the main drain in the pool to the collector tank by gravity, and from the collector tank to the pump by pump-ca used suction. For pool main drain safety, single main drains must be equipped with suction interruption devices. This is where the importance of drains and proper drainage comes into play. Pool Pumps - Will Not Prime. This device is made of a translucent, UV resistant, durable plastic and blends with any pool color scheme.

You might have a problem with a dirty filter and not a clogged drain. How to Drain Your Swimming Pool. Every pool has a skimmer to suck in the water into and through the filter, and every pool has a return line to push the water back into the pool. In this setup, it is important that the float valve be set to regulate the flow of water going through the skimmer. Safety First.

The water would need to be continuously stirred up to be able to filter it through the surface skimmer. If water valve has a gauge, pressure should be 18 PSI or over, and filter pressure should be no less than 24 PSI and not over 32 PSI. A lot of people confuse the hydrostatic valve at the bottom of the pool for a main drain. An Above Ground Pool Anatomy. Main drains on older pools are In a safe pool, there are always multiple main drains as well as several skimmer drains, so if somebody or something blocks one drain, the pumping system will pull water from one of the other drains.

Whether you need to rebalance your chemicals, lower your TDS (total dissolved solids), or just clean up an in ground pool that has not been maintained, draining all the water from your swimming pool can help fix your problems and clean it fast. We unplugged it to cut the grass and it stormed causing the cord to get soaked in water , now that it’s sunny and dry out I plugged the pump back up and I will not work , the tester button does not click there is no sign of power . Closed or partially closed skimmer or main drain valves; Clogged skimmer pipes or main drain cover; Cracked or collapsed skimmer pipes; POOL PRESSURE GAUGE IS HIGH. The main drain for a pool is a suction port that should be located at the deepest point on the pool floor. Most homes utilize the same basic principles for plumbing and drain systems: A main water line usually comes in around the home's If these pool cleaners are getting stuck on the main drain, it is probably an easy solution.

• Check to ensure that the main drain and all suction lines are closed, except for the One of the main pool pump problems I hear from customers is"the pump is running but its not pumping any water". When a pump is not primed, the motor is running, but no water is being pumped through it. A normal pool valve setting would have the skimmer valve(s) fully open, main drain half-open and spa drain fully closed. If, indeed, the main drain has been plugged then the previous owner most likely opted out of the (expensive) main drain repair/replacement. The main drain of an in-ground swimming pool is one of the most crucial parts of the pool’s mechanics.

I have been active in the pool and spa industry for over 25 years. But I can't get the pump to suck any water from the MD. Heads not cleaning all over pool. This is because the main drain is not really a drain. Although the rest of the pool's parts, such as the filter, may seem to be working just fine, the drain is always at risk of getting clogged.

g. If the pool receives a lot of leaves and other debris, more suction may be required at the skimmer than the main drain to adequately strain debris floating on the surface. Suction Cleaner Does Not Cover Entire Pool Hello Nikki - If the jets are working normally and the skimmer is not working, my guess is that a valve has closed the skimmer line. (nothing in codes) • Has there ever been a suction entrapment injury or death in a public swimming pool in Michigan? Not that we are aware of. A number of different specific problems can cause these general issues, and diagnosing them can be a tricky business.

If not, its unlikely. Most swimming pools also have a couple of vacuum ports, which are How to Unclog Leaves from Pool Drain w shop vac for almost free! Fast and easy! diy - Duration: 2:54. 6. There is not one person that is competent in fluid flow that would argue this point: Swimming pool main drains don't move water, pool water inlets do. To operate a suction pool cleaner or manually vacuum the pool, you can close other skimmers, or close the main drain, to obtain more suction through the skimmer you are using.

That said, sometimes pool owners will seal the main drain (line) in order to avoid paying for a leak repair to the main drain/main drain line. If your pipe has an elbow, you can still try to use the hose to blow the debris or material into the pool. We will do our best to help you to resolve your problems. Pool School PRO: Opening the Well Point on Concrete Pools. There are vinyl liner patch kits that work underwater.

Drain problems with a washing machine fall into one of two categories: either the water will not drain out of the washing machine itself, or water does leave the machine but cannot flow properly through the drain pipes. An improperly functioning or broken drain can be an owner’s worst nightmare because usually the pool must be completely drained and the concrete or plaster at the bottom must be destroyed in order to fix the leak. winterize main drain inground pool do i need to my for winter should swimming pools be drained how low,drain concrete inground pool how to a above ground and draining tips far for winter should i my,french drain inground pool main leak in ground do you an for the winter,how much water to drain from inground pool for winter a . Have a small inground pool, with suction through the skimmer, but nothing through the main drain. I haven't been able to locate valves that deal with the main drain nor the skimmer.

What I do have a problem with, especially in light of someone's loved one dying, is the unwillingness to learn. If you don't have two valves in front of your pump, chances arethat's what the main drain is. Pools with temperatures higher than 90 degrees F. Missing safety equipment. No.

First, make sure that your main drain in closed. It only connects right back to the 3 port valve in the skimmer. If a pump runs unprimed for a length of time, it can do serious damage to the pump components. Try opening up the valve that controls the skimmer. If the pump is still not primed, check the impeller for debris and filter pressure for anything 10psi above the clean reading for your pool filter.

I noticed, even after thoroughly backflushing my sand filter, that the pressure seemed a few pounds low (read at the gauge on the top of the filter). The Pump Will Not Prime. If water is not flowing freely in the strainer box, return to step one and repeat. Really, when you think about it, any machine that runs 12 hours a day, every day (for however long your season is) at 3450 RPM’s (revolutions per minute) will eventually end up in the scrap heap. Most skimmers have two holes.

1 x Main Drain Cover. In markets where pool inspections are not expected as part of a home inspector’s services, disclaiming pools may be a wise move. High pressure usually indicates a dirty pool filter How do I replace the main drain in my 20'x40' inground, 7' deep concrete bottom, vinyl liner pool. You may need to close the main drain slightly in order to increase the suction to the skimmer. Generally, if you live in an area where the pool will likely freeze over the winter you should keep the water level below the level of the tiles so they do not crack from the freeze.

These valves are typically closed when the pool is Solution: If your main drain is clogged or has been capped off, call a professional to your home to fix the problem. An above ground pool usually only has one skimmer and one return jet. pH not 7. My pool has a main drain in the deep end, and a skimmer in the shallow end. The flow is balanced by the diverter plate located under the Float Valve Assembly.

Because it is located at the bottom of the center of the pool, it can easily become clogged by debris that sinks to the bottom of the pool. The suction line to the pump is connected to the collector tank, not to the main drain. In fact, even the most often-used term – main drain, not outlet – is a clear sign of what these devices were used for before we had inexpensive and improved means to drain a pool. These tests were funded by the NSPF. But why should you drain you pool? When should you? How often? Below, we’ll give you quick tips on the when, where, why, and how’s of pool draining.

I liken it to smoking- if you smoke one cigarette it wont hurt you. Drain Safety. Main Drain, Swimming Pool, Pool Accessories manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Main Drain Cover for Swimming Pool, Pool Ladder for Swimming Pool, Plastic with Fiberglass Sand Filters for Swimming Pool and so on. For the typical pool you can save an average of 16,000 gallons of water a year with a cover. Make sure the main drain grate is installed.

At the very least, a clogged main sewer drain pipe may cause waste water and raw sewage to back up through a floor drain into the basement or floor of hour home. Are your suction pipes before the pump plumbed higher than the inlet of the pump? If so, it may be air lock. The bottom drain in our swimming pool was abandonded and cemented over with hydraulic cement several years ago when we replaced the pool liner (it was about 15-20 years old at that time and really needed to be replaced). Once the vinyl touches air it will start to shrivel up and become brittle. I have an inground pool, gunite, I have for about three years in the late spring, drained the pool by closing the skimmer line, have the main drain valve open fully, and the return line open fully, had an issue of the pool pump not priming, called out my pool company and they had to replace the pump.

So it doesn't look like it's clogged. If the main drain is not flush with the pool, you have an installation problem and you will need to consult with a pool builder about soultuions to fix it. However, it is possible that a drowning at a public swimming pool could have been due to a suction entrapment, but the emergency o Lacking clean and clear pool water, e. Ensure that the diverter valve to the main drain is fully open and that the drain is not clogged. This keeps the pool builder from having to run a separate suction line from the main drain to the pump.

A. High turbidity or algae accumulation, where the main drain is not clearly visible. Note that not all pool setups have two separate pipes to draw water from the skimmer or main drain and bring it up to the to the pump station as shown above. Learn from an expert on pool safety how you can make your pool entrapment-free and 100% safe from the hazard of main drains. I took off the main drain cover, put in the Drain King on the pool end, and water comes through to the pump.

How do you know it is clogged? It is perhaps collapsed? Is the pipe broken? Old pools often have lines deleted so are you sure this line used to work? The main drain is usually not a direct suction line as this is an entrapment hazard. Conversely, if dirt on the bottom of the pool is the principal contaminant, more suction is required at the main drain. During winter months or periods of non-use, most pool drains do not need to be plugged, but in some cases plugging a main drain is required or recommended. One company advised me that I dont really need a main drain. Have a cartridge filter, but no valves at the pump - seems the main drain and skimmer are tied together? Both main drain and skimmer working fine UNTIL, I cleaned the filter, re-assembled, and got no suction at all.

ASHI Standards of Practice (SOP) allow inspectors to disclaim pools. It must be pulling all the water from the main drain. With a suction cleaner operating, it is already doing exactly what the main drain does, which is to pull water from the bottom of the pool. Pool pumps use a lot of wattage and need a constant supply. 2-7.

(nothing in codes) Main drain or bottom of pool not visible. Laws regulating safe main drain operation in swimming pools are abundant. Attach a product called Drain King to the hose, insert it into the pipe, and unclog your pool drains with the force of the water. • Limit the frequency of pool draining and refilling. To clean a swimming pool drain with a Needle Nose drain cleaner: Turn off the pool pump circuit breaker whenever attempting to clean the drain.

The suction side of the system has two main components: the skimmer and the main drain. We believe that our long-standing main drain safety rule has prevented injuries and deaths. You cannot use the main drain to lower the water level below the skimmer. Turn off the pump and filter system, secure your hair and Hello, I just bought a house that has a gunite pool with a single main drain. This is not debatable with any scientific merit.

How To Drain A Swimming Pool. But when the dirt hits the bottom of my pool, the main drain removes only a few inches around the drain which I don't believe is very useful. There's not much you can do at that point except maybe run your pump at night when it is cooler. Re: Can I operate pool with main drain closed? I always operate with my main drain closed because I want maximum skimmer action ( I do not have a screen enclosure and get bugs/leaves in water). Okay, time to revisit this problem since it's getting near closing time.

WARNING: Do not entirely drain a vinyl liner pool. Basic Troubleshooting Tips For 1994 and Current Model of Kreepy Krauly Inground Pool Cleaner If Kreepy Krauly is not moving or not pulsating. Then, you should connect the clean out pipe from the sump pump to the sewer, if your municipality allows that amount of drainage, or direct the water to irrigate your plants. To install the main drains into a vinyl pool, first remove the cover and face plate off of each main drain pot, and tape over the opening, covering the faceplate screw holes with duct tape. Main drain covers must be in good repair and securely attached to the main drain housing.

With the Another option would be to brush the pool often and run the filter as much as possible. The best way to limit overwhelming suction with a pool main drain is to have at least two of them to lessen each drain's suction. The plumbing runs from the main drain up to the front hole ( the one nearest the pool) of your skimmer. Skimmer And Main Drain The skimmer is located immediately adjacent to the pool water inside the pool deck. If main drain is not flush with the pool floor, causing Kreepy to get stuck, use a drain cover such as the Polaris Unicover.

Swimming pool circulation pumps draw water from the pool utilizing suction plumbed to the skimmer inlets at water level and the main drain at the pool's bottom. You get a very good idea of the ground water elevation when you live on a lake or retention pond. From entrapment to circulation, there are so many wrong ideas on swimming pool main drain. The pool is probably 40 years old. Note: This is not how EVERY in-ground pool is set up, but the logic works the same way.

Because of that, they don’t take care to properly guard their swimming pool main drain, until tragedy strikes. • If you have a pool heater, reduce the temperature - particularly when the pool is not in use. With the main closed my surface water gets pulled into the skimmer quicker. If you get yourself in a situation where you cannot use a submersible pump, there are still solutions for that tricky situation when you ask yourself how to drain a pool without a pump. The purpose of a pool main drain is to pull water from the bottom of the pool through the pump and filtration system.

You may not even be able to isolate or use that main drain anyway. Having a properly working and dedicated main drain line can also allow you to fully drain your pool if necessary. For use in most pool types. This can be risky if you are not aware of the ground water threat in your area. In fact, they don’t or rather, that’s not their main job.

A "primed" pump is one which has a solid flow of water going through it. But just because you have a leak, doesn’t mean you have to replace the liner. The first and most impractical method is to simply use friends’ help and buckets. An inground swimming pool's main drain is located in the deep end of the pool. In this diagram, the main drain is tied into the front port of the skimmer.

pool main drain not working

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